Introduce yourself


Hey there! Thought there should be a place for everyone to introduce themselves… Where are you from? What do you do? What do you plan to use Nannou for?

I’ll start with myself. Along with Mitchell Nordine, i’m the other half of MindBuffer. I’ve been working in Processing and openFrameworks for the past decade now. I used openFrameworks in my PhD to develop a piece of software called Kortex. Kortex was an audiovisual granular synthesis tool that subsequently went on to support real time shaders, and control over lights and laser beams. I ended up learning a lot about what to do and what not to do when building large media frameworks. As a result, i’m excited to use Nannou to create a more refined tool for accessing and controlling various media in real time.

Looking forward to discussing ideas here on the forum with everyone!


Hi, I am maxD aka supermedia_art or userZero, a professional artist based in Tio’tia:ke (montreal). Been using Processing quite a bit, particularly for my project freeliner which I have been planning on starting over in not Processing and decided to go with Rust :slight_smile:
Just fell upon nannou and looks quite nice! I have barely written any Rust and its a bit of a steep climb but I am climbing full-time. Very motivated to move forward with it.


hi, my name is grig aka vdmo
I work in a field of live visual performance and had learned a thing or two about few things over last 15 years practicing it.
my main focus in recent years had been placed towards real-time systems, which i try to dissect and learn as much as possible and forward that knowledge towards education and support of a growing community that I manage which is called - vjunion. some of you may have heard of it :wink:
I keep running into rust language from various points of, either from web development or multimedia.
having known mitch and josh for few years now, and got heads up about the excitement and possibilities on where things can go and its all very exciting. look forward to learn and grow with this project along the way also :wink:



can we please add to the website :wink: its better


ohh… we promoted your project through vjunion software before :wink: some super nice ideas in there…
one of the goals in life is to see you use it :slight_smile: